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  • Choreography & Movement Direction Film Theatre Education Robert Hylton

    In 2020 I was commissioned by The British Library to do the writing for a dance image archive book they are producing. Dancing in Time: The History of Moving And Shaking Forward by Oti Mabuse Available to buy from the link below - in store at the British Library ​ or other major book retailers Livre

  • Robert Hylton | Choreography | Movement direction | Dance | London

    A selection of Robert Hylton's Stage Archive is online and available to view for researchers or students. Please state a specific work to along with your organisational or research position with a brief statement of intention. ​ Email - with the subject Archive : Landscapes 2002 . Landscapes investigates the landscapes of inter personal relationships. The theme of this piece is modern languages, spoken and physical. . As society evolves through different influences our use of language constantly changes. Landscapes' is a satirical comment on the future, how we are known and who we have been. It also represents the possibilities of togetherness and harmony . Length of work: 20 minutes / Music: Billy Biznizz . Visuals: AllofUs . Funded by Arts Council England 3 Steps 2003 . An improvised solo fusing popping and contemporary dance which blends and moulds itself into the ever developing lighting states. . Music: Mixed by Billy Biznizz . Length of work: 20 minutes . Commissioned by State of Emergency A Step into Urban Classicism 1999 . A virtuoso solo by Robert Hylton fusing hip hop and contemporary dance to the hard driven lyrics of Amiri Baraka. . Length of work: 6 minutes Do paintings walk! 2008 . A site specific work with students from the School of Contemporary Dance 'Ana Maletic' and What Evaa Crew at HDLU Zagreb. . Length of work: 30 minutes . Commissioned by HIPP - Croatian Institute for Movement and Dance Festival. Bones 2009 . A theatrical popping trio that explores human physicality as a soundscape - literally by listening to the bones. . Length of work: 10 minutes . The work is supported by Touchwood at the Place Human Revolution 2010 . A Pas de Deux created for Ballet Black . Length of work: 10 minutes . Music: Robert Hylton . Commissioned by Ballet Black Verse & Verses 2005 . A visually arresting production with 5 performers, fusing contemporary and street dance with Robert Hylton’s unique vision. . Collaborators are DJ/producer Billy Biznizz (soundscapes and music) and guest choreographer Pervez (Live2Break) . Length of work: 20 minutes / Music: Billy Biznizz . Visuals: AllofUs . Supported by Arts Council England, Southbank Centre, Laban, AllofUs, Dance Works and Vestax Swan Breaks 2007 . A Dance Story of love and betrayal between the natural world, humans and technology. . 10 performers, 5 human and 5 robotic systems. . Length of work: 60 minutes / Music by billy Biznizz . Supported by Arts Council England, Laban, Southbank Centre, with collaboration from Product Design & Engineering and Rescen, Middlesex University. Drum solo 2013 . Improvised solo by Robert Hylton 2004 . An improvised solo by Robert Hylton,fusing popping and contemporary dance. . Setting the pace for "Verse" is DJ/Producer Billy Biznizz performing live with his two turntables. He creates a soundscape with hip hop beats, hard rock guitar riffs and vocal harmonies. . Length of work: 20 minutes / Music: Billy Biznizz . Premiered as part of British Dance Edition Cambridge January 04 . Commissioned by Mersey Dance Initiative I dont know? 2009 . The solo sees the audience take on a role of co-choreographer as Robert exploits the relationships between himself the music and his spectators . Length of work: 30 minutes . The work is supported by Dance4, Nottingham

  • Choreographer | Director | Dance | Film | Movement Director | Robert Hylton | London

    Film Quelques courts métrages que j'ai réalisés M1 | Conception, réalisation et musique Robert Hylton MEDITATION | Concept et mise en scène Robert Hylton MÉDITATION III Conception et réalisation Robert Hylton Symétrie | Concept et réalisation Robert Hylton | Chorégraphie Robert Hylton et distribution Coincé | Concept et mise en scène Robert Hylton Hip Hop | Concept et mise en scène Robert Hylton Frais (modifier) | Concept et mise en scène Robert Hylton Biggie «Hypnotiser» | Concept et mise en scène Robert Hylton

  • Movement Director | Choreographer | Film | Commercials | London | Robert Hylton

    CLIP MUSICAL Los Unidades (Coldplay) et Pharrell Williams | Direction du mouvement Robert Hylton | Réalisateur James Zwadlo Société de production Impossible Brief & Whitecoat Creativelab Ella Henderson | Chorégraphie et direction du mouvement Robert Hylton | Directeur Charles Mehling | Société de production Caviar

  • Movement Director Choreographer Fashion | Film | Commercials | London | Robert Hylton

    MODE Louis Vuitton présente Kusama à Selfridges | Chorégraphie / direction du mouvement: Robert Hylton | Réalisé: Eshan Bhatti | Jean Pierre Braganza | Chorégraphie / Direction du mouvement: Robert Hylton | Réalisateur: Nick Thompson | Société de production: White Lodge British Fashion Council - Fashion Film: sponsorisé par River Island

  • Movement Director | Choreographer | Film | Television | London | Robert Hylton

    la télé Lignes blanches | Entraîneur de mouvement: Robert Hylton | Créateur: Alex Pina | Société de production: Netflix

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